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West & Midlands Phillumenists [formerly W&MMLS & MMC]

The West & Midlands

The West & Midlands Match Label Society
The Midland Match Club




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 West & Midlands Phillumenists
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The West & Midlands Match Label Society was founded in 1955 and celebrated  50 years of existence 2005.   However, with the sad demise of The Midland  Match Club it also celebrated the formation of a new society or club from the  amalgamation of the two.   From the ashes of The Midland Match Club and the  strength of The West & Midlands Match Label Society, a new club/society was  formed.   At a forum of all those interested collectors, the following was  agreed:

The new society is called:   The West and Midland Phillumenists. 

The following members were elected to serve on the  committee:


Chairman :

Terry Taylor


Secretary :

Peter Campion

e-mail :

Treasurer :

Mike Shrimpton


Matchbox Editor:

Bob Sandoe

e-mail :

Pool Organiser:

Terry Taylor



Vic Belshaw



It was agreed that there would be three formal  meetings a year and these would be as follows:

Derby in early May

Winchcombe in early July

The Annual Exhibition in September at Winchcombe

The Midland Match Club magazine,  “Midland Match News” was retired whilst the West & Midland Match Label Society magazine, “Matchbox” was adopted as the official magazine of The West & Midlands Phillumenists.  It was also agreed that the magazine would have up to eight pages in colour.   In addition, members would still be able to attend Society events at minimum  cost.


It was agreed that annual subscriptions would run  from January to December each year and the following charges would apply:

                UK Residents.................................  £5.00

                EU & European Residents............  £8.00

                Rest of the World........................  £12.00

                It was agreed that there would be no reduction for OAP's



The logo above is the title of the former West & Midlands  Match Label Society Magazine

Patrons: Octavius Hunt  Ltd

The logo above is of the former West & Midlands Match  Label Society

'The Matchbox', a quarterly magazine  is issued January - March, April - June, July - September and October - December  and endeavours to cover all aspects of the match label, box and ephemera collecting  hobby.

Material from members for 'The Matchbox'  is required by no later than 18th February, May, August and November.   The  magazine is free to all members of The Club/Society.

It is edited by Bob Sandoe who lives in  Cheltenham, Gloucester.   This was also the home of S J Moreland & Sons Ltd,  manufacturers of the label "England's Glory", plus many others.

The Club/Society has an active and growing  membership and is always pleased to receive applications from old & new  collectors world-wide.   For an application form see the middle menu bar above.

Contributors help to keep the magazine informative and friendly with a mix of the serious and not so serious.    It has a  "wants" section and is a mine of useful information.

The former West & Midlands Match Label  Society still has a presence on the web but sadly it seems that little is being done in upgrading it to the new Club/Society - an update to this statement will be made as information comes to hand! 

There is a sales page but again it cannot be guaranteed that it is being actively managed at the present time - as above, an update to this statement will be made as information comes to hand! 

A number of members also have a presence on the web.   Details of all of them can be found by selecting the Phillumeny Links Menu in the Main Menu Bar located to the left of this page.

Forthcoming events of the West &  Midland Phillumenists can be found by clicking on the Forthcoming Events Menu Button which is located to the left of this page.

The Club/Society hosts a Postal Auction and details of any current auctions can be obtained from Bob Sandoe {details given elsewhere on this page}

Society Membership

Membership of the Society is simple  and straightforward.   You can join the Society by printing off the Application  Form available on the Societies Web Site. Once completed, you just have to send it with a cheque or Postal Order for the appropriate fee, to....

                  The Treasurer
                  Mike Shrimpton
                  59  Fouracre Road
                  BS16 6PH.

If you have any queries please call Mike Shrimpton  on +44 (0)117-956-1888.

Unfortunately, only payments made in British Pounds (Sterling) can be accepted.  Payments in any other currency cannot be accepted or returned.


(reduced size)
Early Advertising Label by
Diamond Match  Co
London & Liverpool


Have you joined yet?


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